b. 1986, HK.


Emma Daisy Gertel is a maker, painter, and designer based in Milwaukee, WI. Daisy loves trying new techniques and exploring ideas resulting in mixed formats and experimentation. She studies the world through her hands with deep curiosity. Her work draws from her experience and education in fashion design, community arts, and cultural development. She worked for over a decade as a creative and executive director for a youth arts nonprofit. Her work has received several accolades and awards, including a Mayor’s Design Award in 2012 for a collaborative public art project with Express Yourself Milwaukee.

As an adoptee, Daisy is fascinated by the massive forced migration she was a part of in the mid 1980s. She uses art to explore her Korean roots and narrate her experience growing up in a culturally homogenized community. Identity exploration and the celebration of feminine strength are characteristic of her work, often rendered with playful charm in an attempt to bring joy and connection to others. She is available for freelance projects and murals, welcomes collaborations and is open to commissions. 

CV available upon request.

If you have inquires regarding sales, murals, commissions, exhibition, collaborations or workshops please message. Or if you simply want to say hello, please introduce yourself.