b. 1986, HK.


Emma Daisy Gertel is a visual artist, designer, graphic artist and illustrator living in Milwaukee, WI. After graduating with a BFA in Community Arts & Cultural Development, Daisy worked for over 13 years in the nonprofit sector as an artist/creative director/administrator of a youth serving art organization. Prior to that Daisy was a fashion design student and much of her work reflects the integration of design, culture and community. After leaving fashion and the nonprofit industry to pursue art practice, she has found herself enjoying time illustrating whimsical plants, flowers, creatures and girls. Currently Daisy is exploring her lost Korean roots through pattern and textile design. She is available for freelance projects, welcomes collaborative projects and is open to commissions. 

CV available upon request.

If you have inquires regarding sales, commissions, exhibition, collaborations or workshops please message me. Or if you simply want to say hello, please introduce yourself.